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My New Gig Rude Cactus Our writer — and top notch photographer — gets a new job but faces having to “choose between caring for our daughter and earning a second income.” They gave up the second income. This causes the writer to reflect on the U.S. standing on maternity leave – 12 weeks – versus what some other countries offer.

We’re the most prosperous country in the world. We claim to value our self-determination and our children above all else. And yet we’re having a hard time competing with maternity leave minimums handed out by third world countries.

Mensch The Better Days Project A cousin dies suddenly prompting this writer to think about how to live a life.

What does to ‘live one’s life to the fullest’ mean anyway? Does it mean to have ecstatic fun, to drink and take drugs until the doctor comes and goes again, to have sex with as many different people as you can (at the same time or in sequence), to make and spend as much as you can?

Monty Python in Georgetown Mellow Catciao’s powers of observation at work in a Georgetown book store. It start liks this:

After an early morning breakfast in Georgetown my lovely lady friend and I popped in to Bartleby’s Books.

While purusing “first editions, rare and antiquarian books and ephemera with emphasis on American History, and Law as well as a good general stock of literature, poetry, the arts, hunting and fishing, travel, books on books, and other histories from ancient to modern” I saw him again…

Now, I Give Up The Back of the Napkin The negative campaigning in Virginia governor’s race has this writer’s ire. An excerpt:

…I have never in my life been so turned off that I am going to not vote for either of these two candidates and I am not sure what I am going to do. The television ads, radio spots, and general campaigns have been a mess (there are ads running comparing Kaine to Hitler). I can tell you that at least 50% of my friends feel the exact same way as I do today and have been turned off to this election.

Blogs and CPMC
This blog, dcblogs, started as a collection of notes of work that struck me as either interesting, amusing, thoughtful or just good reads. It does not attempt to be a “best of,” an impossibility in any case. What I try to do is help people discover blogs specific to DC metro. That’s it. While tempted to aim volleys at bloggers who are off-the-chart, ignoring the obvious messes is best. This isn’t Swiss. The so-called blog war, which didn’t register on the pulse-o-meter of 99% of DC blogs, was for any outsider an obvious and incomprehensible embarrassment for all involved, especially the shameful blog that ridicules the Cleveland Park Men’s Club. So CPMC apparently pulls the plug. I liked what these gentlemen did and attempted to do; they created a concept, splashed color, humor, wit and their own idea of taste and manner and wrapped it up into an often entertaining package. It quickly became one of the more popular sites. All blogs run their course, CPMC and in time this one as well; people move on. I wish them well.

Futurists say that blogging is a gathering “collective intelligence.” Its opposite is also at work. But the vast majority of blogs are exemplary and generous in what they offer: insights and moving stories about heartbreak and hope — stories about this city and life in it. An amazing wonder unfolding. The blogging world is volcanic; with new authors rising and familiar ones breaking old molds and starting fresh; a ferment constantly recreating itself. Today won’t be tomorrow is all I know about it. — kob

(An important note: The CPMC site went offline Saturday, and a message was posted Sunday on the site announcing its end. But something doesn’t seem right. The links and standing text on CPMC’s site have been change. There are any number of explanations for this including a hacking. Exactly what has happened is unclear.)

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