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Requiem to a DC Real Living Wage Happy Hour Girls with Drinks The plan was to attend a fund raiser for the DC Living Wage effort. But things went wrong. Very wrong. There was the accident and a fruitless search and, finally, the sad Krispy Kreme window moment. An excerpt:

Then, I got into an accident. My tank of Jeep Wrangler utterly demolished a piece of plastic formerly known as an Altima bumper. Nobody was hurt and other than the bumper, both cars seem fine, but the police came. Insurance got involved. People yelled at me and I was that girl, the traffic-blocking, I-damaged-your-baby, girl.

DC Gov Shocker Miss Penny Lane Our writer’s request for some street repairs gets a quick response.

Last Thursday, I went to DC dot gov to file a service request for some potholes on Connecticut Ave to be fixed. Actually, there was one small pothole; the real problem was that there were loose manhole covers and a big steel plate, so when busses or trucks drive over them (which is every minute) the noise is like an explosion (no joke) right outside our bedroom window.

Being alone or the plague? Circle V Writes about being in the “marriage zone” and its messy end.

One of my friends has a little problem. She wants to be married. “Who doesn’t?” you ask. Me for one. And every other friend I have that lives in DC. Let’s call my friend Melanie.

(Nod to Direct Current for the pointer) Metro opens doors and …er… other things Baby Bananas Our blogger isn’t the first to write about announcements made by Metro operators, but she’s the first to make this point:

Has anyone else been on the Orange line and had the pleasure of being Metroed around by the woman with the awesome phone-sex operator voice (perhaps she operates other lines, but I only have familiarity with Orange)? Seriously her voice is like butter. Warm, melted butter.

Relationship Hurricanes … and the city A report by a go-to person.

It’s been a crazy couple weeks in the world today. We’ve had a hurricane wipe out a major historical city and another on its way to devistating lives in Texas. My problems, trials and tribulations are so frivolous in comparison to the problems of those around me, but, in the “lighter sense”, it is the season of the relationship hurricane.

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