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What Happens in NE Stays in NE Stop, blog, and roll Are all crimes equal? Is crime in the NE as newsworthy as crime in Fairfax? That’s what this writer is asking. Read the comments as well. An excerpt:

I’ve noticed many events, well, going unnoticed for the most part. Homicide? Maybe a little bit of play on the evening news. Flipped over cars (three that I know of in my ‘hood since August)? Zippity-do-da. Trees crashing into people’s houses, transformers blowing left and right like it was the War of the Worlds?

Also see: In DCist: Bobby Cox tells of the warning Gallaudet students get once they leave the campus. He writes: Among the deaf community at Gallaudet University, stories of being robbed are as prevalent as the latest gossip about Nick and Jessica. Cox also writes for the Deaf DC blog. The Weeknight Joint Metrocurean Hotspots on weeknights, cool spots on weekends — Amanda at Metrocurean has some good recommendations, as do her commenters. An excerpt:

Don’t get me wrong. I still enjoy a shoulder-bumping, martini-sloshing night out every now and then. But more often, when it comes to heading out for a drink on the weekends, I’m at a loss for someplace laid back.

Also Noted An iPod/cellphone using taxi driver gets the directions wrong and then demands that our blogger leave his cab, writes Beauty and the Beltway. We pick up the report: He looked me right in the eye and said, “I don’t know how to get there from here. I’m new.” I started to give him directions, but he stopped me. “No. I decline the fare. Get out.” Red Line metro problems Monday: I have seen it packed before, but this was ridiculous, writes Punkwalrus. Another rider: I felt like a ping-pong ball and a bobble-head all at once, writes Michael Snyder, who is in the position to find out what happened as a member of the Metro Riders’ Advisory Council. Seller advantage in the housing market returns? Some data at DC Metro Home. To get listed on the automated feed please send a note to