Blog Winds

The plan: Visit Every Starbucks in DC Siren Song This blog details the caffeinated adventures of Jacinda and Jerry, who are on a quest to visit every Starbucks in DC. It’s self-described as “an incredible waste of time,” which makes it absolutely perfect for blogging. There are 50 “and counting” Starbucks in DC. Is this a good thing? Of course, as exciting as Starbucks can be, there’s nothing like a fire to get the blood racing. An excerpt:

… We first noticed it when a good samaritan began yelling at cars and pedestrians who were headed towards it that there was a fire and to stay away. This only prompted us and everyone else to rush to gawk. It was pretty cool, as fires tend to be.

The firemen arrived and they started to hose down the bus. However, that only seemed to make the fire angrier as the flames got bigger and began to shoot out of the windows …

DC I Miss You .. Miami .. Mia Solomente Our writer says something nice about this blog, which is not the reason I’m noting it … (I was touched, however, by her kind words) I’m noting it for what this blogger has to say about life, career and relationships. The Miami connection also struck a little cord. I’m sitting in an airport bar in Orlando as I type this, enjoying a properly chilled Heineken (I had to justify use of the bar’s power supply) and waiting to return to DC. I was also talking to a young woman from Miami (trying to muster up the courage to ask: “do you blog?” without seeming incredibly strange), and who worried about the brewing storm. This is a very good post … it starts like this:

So, I was reminded today, right in the middle my very attentive review of my Federal Jurisdiction class as my displaced Brooklynite Professor discussed the fascinating world of Federal Courts and rules on disclosing experts and monetary santions for failing to make intial disclosures, how much I miss Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia and the East Coast all together. So I decided to update my blog. I am still here, I swear …

Also Noted: Recent blog arrival, Authentic Art DC, with good content and nice collection of links.
(This is all I have time for tonight … a flight beckons.)