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Xbox Ode Lots of Monkeys A fruitless search for an Xbox 360 produces a very clever piece of writing. An excerpt: Also see: “We have NO Xbox 360s in stock!” From GigMatrix Mean Reds Lagniappe in DC A post that begins by questioning the reasons for blogging quickly develops into a rapid and engaging snapshot of a life assessed. An excerpt: … Like do people really want to hear how my parents divorced just before hurricane Katrina came and rocked our worlds, and how most of my father’s family lost thier homes in the aftermath, and how they are all struggling to maintian a sense of normalcy in their lives, and how my uncle passed away after the hurricane from a brain hemmorhage, and how this, combined with the hurricane has made my entire family depressed? … Thai Kitchen Le Cuvee Americain This blog describes itself as the “opinions and adventures of a Washington, D.C.-based epicure as he cooks and eats around town and around the country.” There are restaurant reviews from many cities but the more recent ones are about DC restaurants, where this writer is based. This excerpt is from a review about the Thai Kitchen on M Street in the West End.

… A lot of the decor is Chinese in nature, including ba-gua feng shui items over the doors. Inside, one of the first things one see is a huge picture of the management with actress Angelina Jolie, who recently used Thai Kitchen to cater a fund raising dinner for one of her refugee charities….

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