Blogging Misery Edition

Why do you blog? The Rock Creek Rambler This post, titled Random Musings by The Rambler, isn’t so rambling. In it, RCR questions his reasons for blogging, which is something, I suspect, most bloggers will do. This is an activity that takes much work, but has no finish line or goal and with purpose known only to its authors. When does that purpose end?

When people find out I have a blog (I don’t advertise that fact), invariably I’m asked “why do you blog.” First and foremost, this strikes me as a stupid question. Remember your 5th grade teacher who said there are no stupid questions? Yep, they were wrong …

Blogging misery loves company: The DC Webloggers will meet Wednesday at 7 p.m. at Pharaoh’s Bar & Grill, 1817 Columbia Rd. All bloggers are invited. Just show up. No secret handshakes. All ages are invited (Yes, that includes the Baby Boomer-bloggers, and you know who you are.) Informal, engaging and cash bar. Kickball pay offs Grateful Dating Don’t be misled by the title. Yes, it led to the “second longest first date of my life.” But there are complications.

My reaction was strong, similar to the way I’d felt when I found out the Republican was separated-but-not-divorced. I felt it in my chest–a tightening, a difficulty breathing. An urge to be far, far away. Like I was watching myself from above.

Also Noted: The NY Roundup by Crazy Girl City. She goes to NYC and returns with some lively posts about her adventures. With photos. Cindy Sheehan, who will be in DC this weekend, outlines her views on the Huffington Post. She writes: This week I arrive in Washington DC to begin my Vigil at the White House just like I did in Texas. But this time I’ll be joined by Katrina victims as well. In your America we are all victims. The failed bookends of your Presidency are Iraq and Katrina. Protest information. And Alt Hippo’s trip down memory lane. Only in DC does the DMV give you mismatched license plates for the front and back of your car. Mine were one number off … There are nine other “only in DC” items compiled by Diary of an Angry Black Woman. Au revoirLeaving DC means leaving the life I’ve made there – the family, friends, classmates, etc. I kept meaning to have some kind of party or happy hour. As usual, life got in the way, but more than that, I realised I simply did not want to say goodbye. It’s not that I didn’t want to move, just that I wasn’t up for the gut-wrenching repeated ad infinitum. So, I slipped out like a teen that’s been grounded. I apologize, but it’s what I had to do. From Maison. Good luck and travels. The writer at Defenestrate works “in one of the smokiest bars in DC,” and wonders about the impact of a smoking ban. Will customers drive to Virgina? (Scroll down the post to read this point. The first part of this post concerns some bad smoking behavior.) DC real living wage happy hour on Girls with Drinks. Thursday, Andalu in Dupont Circle.