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Rehoboth trip Countersignature This writer discusses the Rehoboth of old and new. And then there’s the food of old and new:

The chips and salsa were fine until I detected the unmistakable flavor of crab. Upon further investigation, I discovered that some of the chips tasted of crab, while others didn’t. To me, this finding could only mean two things: either the chips were old and had been recycled from another table or food had fallen into them in the prep area. Either way, it added up to sloppiness.

To the people of Washington, D.C. I hate kit kats Kit kats’ blog post for some reason reminds me of the DC alert service that sends messages to my cell phone. Perhaps because it’s short and after-the-fact, like DC alerts. For instance yesterday, I learned: “Manhole cover explosion at 18th & G St. NW. No Evacuations.” (I wonder what I would do if it said “evacuate!”) It was followed by this message: “Several street closures surrounding area of man hole cover explosion.” I have never lived in a city with so many manhole cover explosions. Perhaps they should replace the manhole covers with Frisbees. Click on kit kats’ link. It’s very short and very funny and I don’t want to give it away. Something is amiss at IMF/World Bank Skate Blog Here’s some live action detail on yesterday’s manhole cover explosions.

As of 10am, somewhere around 18th and G Streets NW there is a fire. Word on the street is that an underground transformer is burning. The third floor vew we have at work of the NW corner of 18th and G is of smoke coming out of the building there. Streets are closed, the police and secret service are out and none of them are happy.

Pepco spokeswoman Mary-Beth Hutchinson says it’s an ordinary incident…. Yup. Pretty ordinary… I love this city.

Bye Bye Chinatown Belly Button Window I loved the Palace in Chinatown; all that old, beautiful woodwork and atmosphere swept away by development and the chains. But now that this writer’s favorite Chinese grocery, Da Hua Market, is no more, Chinatown, for him, is gone. Take the Circulator Live from the third rail About the new DC bus called the Circulator: A singles bar hopping bus? As “Live from” writes: “The D.C. Circulator will begin running in July, and the bus was open for inspection. Two men were inside to answer questions and distribute brochures.” This blog has the details, including fares and Web site link. Nice Doggy photo by DC-Streets.
Please visit this site: DCBLOOB. He writes, sadly: “Down to 6 page views per day as of May 25, 2005. The point of this is mostly just to post thoughts …” He writes about sports.