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Craig’s List Guinea Pig
A Blog Mainly About Food
The writer, Kanishka, has seat for two Friday evening “for a special preview of
Sonoma.” But whom to take?

I could take a friend, someone I’ve known and know is a food fan (no one specific in mind, thinking out loud here). Or… I could take a date. Some may ask “How would you get said date?” And to you I respond: Craigslist!

Illegal Dumping at The Salvation Army
Frozen Tropics
Report with photo of unwanted goods dumped in front of the Salvation Army on the 1300 block of H Street. “Dumped items include everything from old refrigerators to boxes of broken dishes to dresser shells …”

Kathryn on
Well-turned report with warranted outrage on very strange behavior.

So, Spring is in the air, more or less. And for some reason, whether it’s the increased skin exposure in the DC area or the fundamental biological effects of the season, the pervs are out.

And Then There Was Monday
The Daily Bulletin From Dating Hell
The dating scribe shares some emails and wonders: A date or something else?

Notice that he says “just a hang out night” – that sounds like intentional platonicization, doesn’t it?

Taking my money
Conversations with mud
Problems with credit card and bank charges reported here.

I’d be a lot less stressed if people would stop taking my money without my permission! I don’t know what the deal is this past year, but businesses and organizations have ransacked my bank card and credit card without my permission.

Skaters at Hains Point
Skate Blog

It’s a perfect place for being on wheels. Roads run along the perimeter of Hains Point and they have been recently paved, making for a smooth ride on skates. The grade is flat. There are no hills to climb.

Photo: Windows display on P Street near CVS, Whole Foods Market.

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