DC Blog noted:

Time to Cowgirl Up Beauty and the Beltway When I first started reading this blog, I was immediately taken by this young woman’s extraordinary writing ability, flowing cadence and striking candor. If there were such a thing as a best blog writers list this “story of a Montana girl surviving life in the District,” would be high on it. Very high. In this post she writes about a visit to a doctor and a potentially troubling diagnosis. I’ll now add courage to the list of things I like about this blog writer.

You know that sound a record makes when it stops, I heard that in my head. All I knew about MS was what I learned on the West Wing, which has turned out to be wholly innacurate (who’da thought). In 24 hours, I went from the girl who couldn’t get an appt., to having neurologists calling personally to “fit me in.”

This will be the only blog noted today. Apologies. Photo: Dupont Circle, Connecticut Ave.