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All About Swag A roundup of reports from the Book Expo America at the downtown Convention Center. For those of unfamiliar with the term Swag, it means, simply, “free stuff for writers.” Nice, but not nice enough to stuff in a freezer.

Madam Mayo: … magnets emblazoned with the names of presses, cheap plastic picnic cups printed with book titles, t-shirts and baseball caps, pens of all descriptions, bookmarks, rubber squishy toys (shaped like balls, dollar bills, houses, turkeys), fly-swatters … seed packets, matches, and candies. Did I mention the candies? Miss Snark: Weirdest swag was a handheld fan on a tongue depressor.

Happy Booker: … we feel fairly certain we got the swag bag score of the century with The Adventures of Captain Underpants, the first epic novel by Dav Pilkey. (Go to her site for the link to Captain Undies. It’s hilarious.) Blowfish: Hardly any one came into our booth–we’re something of a niche publisher AND we are cheap bastards who weren’t giving away jack except our catalog.

Also Noted: Orange juice and laptops. Why newspaper circulation is declining. At Rude Cactus.

The 24-hour take-home test and its many distractions by jeanette-cetera … check out the link to web-boggle. Huge distraction. New blog, Master Gardener News, by a woman who just spent 9 weeks in the Master Gardener School at the University of DC. She writes: This class included people who work or volunteer regularly at the National Arboretum, work at local nurseries, have landscaping businesses or want to, already volunteer in gardens at schools and senior centers — and the list just keeps on going. Go Urban Gardeners! Also includes news about June 11 Gardens of Brookland tour. Update: The author has removed this post. A strong rant about DC’s Chinatown. When some tourist asked if there were any Chinese shops to check out, I mentioned the Ruby Tuesday and Quizno’s. From Ms. Helphyr.

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