DC Blogs 2.0

Site Note: Welcome to our site redesign. Major changes include tabs in the upper right corner to speed navigation, as well the postings from seven latest live entries. The full feed appears on the Live page. We hope you find it attractive and easier to use. And who did this work? The project is the incredible effort of Meghan, a professional Web designer, talented writer and skilled photographer, who also has a personal blog Cocoricamo. She conceived and executed the redesign. The introduction of the live feed on the main page is due to Tom, a longtime friend, who built the live feed engine, which also runs his blog, CTweblogs. This work illustrates their belief in the importance of self-publishing in our world today, and I personally can’t thank them enough for their wonderful help, KOB. And now some links:

Strength in numbers on the Metro. A pair of strangers team up on the endlessly long Woodley Metro station to defeat a tourist blockade. By Zhubinness. This post came to us via a recommendation by David Barzelay. Property rights magically disappear in Wheaton. This post recommendation also comes to us from David Barzelay, who writes this about it: Jacob Grier at Eternal Recurrence reports on a thirty-one year old small business about to be destroyed in Wheaton, MD, all so that the county can expand an alleyway as part of a redevelopment project. Barry’s Magic Shop was forcibly taken by the county, despite being a thriving, privately owned store that uniquely catered to an underrepresented niche in DC. Adams Morgan has taken on an almost Jekyll/Hyde-like quality, writes trudi jo davis at Metroblogging. The area goes through a total transformation from day to night, she writes. Strange little one-post blog: The accounts of a young Federal employee working hard not to work very hard. He illustrates the claim. From the blog, How to Succeed in Washington Without Really Trying Macbook unveiling with photos at Crazy is just sane on a lunch break.