DC Blogs Crimes and Rants

New Jack City Café 227 There’s what sounds like a scream. Our writer goes to the window and sees a man getting mugged. What follows next … An excerpt:

… My mind raced. “Why isn’t anyone doing anything?” I thought. “Wait a minute, why aren’t I doing anything?” I grabbed the phone to call 911. No wait, they wouldn’t get to my house in time …

Also Noted I Hate Your Generation, Mister Jinxy levels some harsh criticisms at today’s college students. They’re ungrateful, hypocritical, vacuous, malicious, and deserve to be horsewhipped. Son of Clown Ops. Virginia drivers – they are all stupid, writes Diary of a Starving Artist. An excerpt: Those funny looking white lines on the road: if you’re not between them and you’re not merging, you’re doing something wrong. DC mayoral race disappointment: The five Democrats running for Mayor in DC are unified in their quest to spend more and more of District taxpayer dollars on a slew of new initiatives. There is just one catch, none of them have a clue how the will pay for it. From a new blog, Cut DC Taxes. In for the book convention, almost booked. Semi-police adventure at SlushPile. DC isn’t their lifestyle. Big Green Chair is off to Colorado. Excerpt: Many people have asked us why we’re moving and assume it’s because of job opportunities. The funny thing is, until a week ago (months after deciding to move), neither of us had a job. You see, part of the reason we’re leaving DC is because we don’t want to be those people, the ones who decide everything based on their careers. dcblogs.com/live