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DC Grocery Store Complaints Carrie Broadshoulders and In Shaw KOB household fridge. In response to query, I must point out that the cans are Safeway-brand diet soda. You can't buy diet soda at Whole Foods. They attempt to charge you for shopping carts in the parking lot, pre-bruise the produce and then make you stand in long lines next to cell phone loud mouths. It’s grocery shopping time in DC. Read the comments at In-Shaw. Here’s the vocabulary builder excerpt: "dirty," "crappy," "liquefied and snotty," "dysfunctional," "isn’t fit for a mule," "surly," "rotten," and "sometimes I just want some damn Cheetos." Carrie Broadshoulders writes (strong language note): Yesterday I made the tragic mistake of going over to the Giant on 9th St, NW. … Also Noted: Showdown at the DC Corral by The Pied Piper. Two homeless men exchange words and threats. What followed was the most surreal, most baffling, most absurd altercation I have ever been witness to in my life. Why are the Metro cars hot? Our writer says on five occasions this week the Metro cars she was in were unbearably hot. Oh, and the smell! As you may or may not know, some commuters are not a fan of deodorant, writes Chase-ing Complacency. Rules for sandals at work from Is This It? The problem with dating in DC and a story about the worst date ever is told by Adventures of Plan B in DC. Please visit dcblogs.com/live