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Easy As Life Confessions of a Twenty Something Drama Queen The woman who writes the excellent blog Grace’s Poppies, wrote me recently about blogs (and I don’t think she’ll mind if I share part of her note), describing them “as a great gift of the Internet – that people are writing about their lives and sharing that with others is incredible..” I thought of those words after reading this post by Confessions. It begins this way:

I don’t understand what it is about the Irish, well at least the Boston Irish, but we constantly internalize and suppress our feelings. More specifically, if something is wrong, we give off the air, or at least try to, that absolutely nothing is wrong. We will do anything other than show our emotions…

Appendix removal fun Tragic: the blathering In case you want to know what it’s like to have your appendix removed, here’s an adventure well told:

They wheel me into the OR and my final memories of having an appendix were just cold, so very very very cold. I had a mask over my face and was breathing deeply while someone packed me in warm towels, but I still felt like I should be shaking when I woke up someplace else.

Open Letters to People at Work Direct Current Six letters to co-workers, beginning with:

Dear Guy Who Brings Paperwork Into The Stall: I’m so happy that we work on different projects. Does your boss or your customer know that you do that? Tell me that’s a draft that you’re about to shred.

DC Cookie In this scenario, DC Cookie, a new blog, ask her readers to examine this guy’s prospects for a second date:

Guy switches to a beer, just to have something to hold. Girl orders one more sour apple…her inner demon whispering “they’re not that strong, right?” Recall…Guy knows bartender.

Also noted: Restaurant review by d.c. foodies: Sonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar In part writes, I saw many people around me ordering pizza, and they seemed to be enjoying it. There aren’t any “prebuilt” pizzas and the toppings are all a la carte ranging from $3 to $5 each. You start with your crust and red tomato-based, green pesto or white olive-oil-based sauces. Pig icon sightings at the The Washington Canard. My First Day by Texan Interns (a group blog) begins with a Metro adventure… tried to get through the turnstile my card was denied. turns out the one-day pass is only valid after peak morning hours, after 9:30am. so the station manager had to help me out and let me through the emergency gate. theeeeeeeeeeen, i saw that my train was coming to the platform ….so i ran to catch it. turns out i took the wrong train … Metro’s July 4th service schedule, with comment at oh Metro! : why must they screw up the Metro just for that one day? Photo: Georgetown, M.