DC Blogs Noted


Snow isn’t all that’s going on in the greater metropolitan capital area.

Girl from the South (or Cosmopolitan Conservative, depending on when you started reading her blog) has been critical of the nation’s first lady before, but not right now.

Liz in DC discusses her blog changes.

ReadySetDC loves Phillipa Hughes and the Pink Line Project.

How should the Democratic majority interpret Republican ransom notes, er, demandsRepublic of T explains how.

Of course, there’s still beaucoup de snow commentary:

If you’re tired of the whole snow-over-reaction/hyperventilation/over-excitement/whatever, Brutalism agrees with you.

Part two of Where’s My Cape’s “What I did on my blizzard staycation” is now up.  For those who didn’t read part one and part three, here they are.

Most touching, Congress Heights on the Rise asks about the mysteriously (not really, but work with us, please) absent coverage of the impact of the storm on people who live east of the river and asks “Who do we have to snowblow around here to get some attention?”