DC Blogs Noted


When I started preparing this round-up, I promised myself that I would avoid snow posts, and V-Day entries. I tossed that notion aside upon reading Lemon Gloria’s Being Home. May we all know that kind of happiness.

Mustard Seed Musings shares some thoughts on Fat Tuesday, Lent, and God; musing about the balance of sacrifice and a good time:

“…what sort of God do we have if she can’t also be found listening to jazz, drinking a bourbon and watching a good parade?”

To say that Random Duck is displeased with NBC’s coverage of the Olympics would be roughly akin to calling this winter slightly snowier than usual. Declaring it “…some of the worst possible… dumbed down sports broadcasting ever put on TV;” the whole 270 minute “exercise in broadcast futility” is analyzed and categorized by events, diversions, and advertising.

The Virginia State Senate has passed a bill that would allow people to carry handguns into restaurants. The Girl of Words asks “How Could This Possibly Go Wrong?” [Ed. Note: the blisteringly snarkastic comment from This Is Not How I Planned My Life was a big reason for the inclusion of this post.]

The DC Food for All blog compares a recently announced Safeway closing and the reaction of Ward 5 Councilmember, Harry Thomas, Jr. and the larger community to a dysfunctional relationship in which one person tries too hard.

“This… reminds me of a partner with low self-esteem holding onto his or her significant other who has been emotionally detached from the relationship for awhile. The therapist’s response would be: “Why keep fighting for someone who clearly doesn’t have your best interest in mind? Just let go and let live.”

For those of you who are fatigued by the histrionics that normally accompany critical blog posts about WMATA failings, this post from The Hay Say offers an even-handed first person account of last Friday’s Metro derailment.

Greater Greater Washington assails Councilmember Mary Cheh’s proposal to bring a parking garage to Cleveland Park as election-year pandering.