DC Blogs Noted


Hannah, Just Breathe traces the arc of her relationship with blogging – casual reader becomes avid reader, reader becomes blogger, one virtual friend leads to others, lines between virtual and real are happily blurred – and suddenly almost five years have passed.

It’s the time of year when the number of people afflicted by Seasonal Affective Disorder is at its highest. The Year of Sexy is suffering from a similar condition she terms Seasonal Unsexy Disorder.

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino contemplates radical honesty with Yes. You do Look Fat.

Just in case you were wondering, the Snow Parking Wars continue… reporting and pictures from the Bloomingdale Blog.

Brunette on a Budget isn’t necessarily superstitious, but her recent run of bad luck (exhibits A through G) have her considering the help of “some-crazy-voodoo-to-cleanse-the-place.”

Photo of the day: Snowmen are so last decade, this is what you need to be hip. Thanks Blarneycrone.

Tomorrow is the day that some bloggers (cough, cough, mostly me) have declared International Crush Day. Do you have an intellectual, romantic, professional, or some other kind of crush you’d like to express? This is your excuse…

…though Magnolia doesn’t think that the crush is sufficiently benign to deserve a holiday.