DC Blogs Noted


Reading Doctor Moxie’s latest post may not be easy for anyone who has watched someone close to him/her suffer from dementia, but “Omi” provides a different perspective on this humbling and sad experience.

Seeking John Galt posted a “tick-tock” of her break-up with cable television, the sorrow the TV must have felt, and her efforts to replace it.

The author of One Bite at a Time encounters The Ethical Eater’s Dilemma.

If you were one of the hockey nuts chanting USA, USA, USA as our squad thumped the heavily favored Canadians in their recent Olympic match-up, this picture of our northern neighbor’s reaction might be a bit of a wet blanket. Thanks for sharing Famous DC.

Love Elizabethany’s Morning Hangover is a collection of procrastantive* links that range from the merely funny, to the profane, to the really NSFW.

The Inaugural National Food Bloggers Bake Sale is rapidly approaching. It will benefit Share Our Strength, a national organization dedicated to battling childhood hunger. They need volunteers to bake and assist in non-culinary ways too. The Capital Cooking blog has the details.

In more Circulator news (you did catch that on yesterday’s DC Blogs Round-Up, right?) the red and gold busses are now on the “Where’s My Bus” mobile GPS application from Google. The Borderstan Blog reported the news.

* is to a word.