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In what universe is this remotely acceptable? outta mind outta site tells of a conversation with a taxi cab driver.

My Ten Commandments for Feeling Good. ErinSlick. A well thought out list.

Birds in the Park coming to DC, reports Daily Campello Art News, who writes that this is a “a touring public project, which involves the one-day installation of thirty to sixty porcelain birdlike forms on the ground.”

Liberty Tree Takes Root on H Street. The Hill is Home tries out a new restaurant.

Top Chef Filming In DC Starts Soon? Metrocurean. Comments are filled with rumor-specifics.

Books that changed my life. Sex after Sixty.

Farmer’s Market Pizza with Feta and Basil is the end result of shopping at the Dupont Circle Farmers Market. Modern Domestic

Embracing the pink. adventures in knitting and other geeky mishaps Photos.