DC Blogs Noted


Whether you blog, Facebook, Tweet or use any form of Social Media, City Girl makes the case for you to intersect social media with positive change… oh and have a couple of drinks too. Got plans for Thursday?

United States of BOHICA offers some perspective to those complaining about Health Care Reform Legislation.

Speaking of Health Care, the Disaffected Scanner Jockey has a tongue-in-cheek plea for civility in the discourse.

The play Clybourne Park recently opened at the Wooly Mammoth. It addresses the issues of “white-flight” and gentrification in the same neighborhood fifty years apart.

The Borderstan Blog sees similarities in their neighborhood

The Georgetown Metropolitan asks “Is this Georgetown?

In Shaw (an historically gentrified blog) makes similar comparisons and offers discounts.

Ronnedezvous offers a more generalized review

Love, Elizabethany celebrates National Puppy Day… don’t worry, overdosing on adorable has no harmful side-effects.