DC Blogs Noted


Hello Negro considers attitudes of the Black community toward religion.

Livin Mi Life finds recent chain prayers (this is a new one for this contributing editor, but presumably everyone who knows her thinks of her as a godless heathen to whom prayers should not be forwarded, ever, lest the apocalypse arrive) somewhat threatening and/or fake.

Day-dreaming dos and don’ts from Positively Present.

The consequences of quitting smoking include stopping drinking, for now, for Freckled K.

Not a Girl, Not Yet a Wino contemplates how losing a parent or someone you love changes you.

What does one do with a well-liked but naïve co-worker who falls for little scams? Counting My Pennies considers this situation.

The Washington Humane Society’s blog seeks a home for cats whose dying owner can’t care for them any longer, and in the eerily beautiful, rather than cute, creature department, Life in the Village posts this Owl in the Hood picture courtesy of a neighbor.