DC Blogs Noted


Lagniappe has written 100 posts, thousands left unwritten, since November, 2007. In this post, she shares what she has learned from it.

Blog of the Tattooed Librarian shares her airplane tattoo.

A study that’s titled, “I’m a loser, I’m not married, let’s just all look at me:” Never married women’s perceptions of their social environment, draws this reaction from Single with Style: Is this some kind of a joke?

The guy pushing the baby carriage was the real winner of the National Marathon. Farm Fresh Meat. Photos.

Peeps on Parade: Building the 2010 Diorama. The snowball fight, peeps version.

Scroll down to get to some very atheltic and clever photos. Mr. & Mrs. Rickman Go To Washington.

It’s ‘Washington, D.C.’ not ‘Washington D.C.’ Writing Gooder. DC works, too.