DC Blogs Noted


“Women’s Writes” [sic] is a project created by Maries Blog Café and Shine Out Loud to provide voice to their frustration with what they described as a backwards evolution of the rights of women. More than a few DC Bloggers added their voice.

Hannah, Just BreatheWomen’s Write.

Learning to FlySpeaking Up.

Alice’s WonderlandClinic Escorting.

A Jersey Kidlet’s give em’ something to talk about.

In It to Gym ItHow the Ideal Woman Make Me Feel.

The DC Universe has an off-beat recap of opening day at Nationals Stadium, obligatory descriptions of drunken Philly fans included. The We’ve got Heart blog has a slightly more critical perspective.

Not Afraid to Use It opens with the acknowledgement that negative examples can be a great tool in a parent’s arsenal … before telling the admonishing story that shows negative as vice.

I consider the first weekend of the NCAA tournament to be the best single weekend in all of sports. World Cup is still the best event in sports, and U Do the Dishes gives Ten Reasons Why.

Photo of the Day: “How cute do I gotta be before you put down the camera and play with me?