DC Blogs Noted

Close Encounters of the Me Kind writes: So I know that I will lose massive cool points for admitting this (like I had any to begin with), but I am a hopeless optimist. Being in my mid-20s and living in DC, I feel like I am definitely in the minority in this.

Mount Vernon lock-down info at Life in Mount Vernon Square.

A date ending question: “Are you wearing full-body underwear?” Date Me DC.

Are there too many restaurants? Would you rather have dry cleaners or a place with atmosphere? Left for LeDroit.

The new Cleveland Park restaurant, The Cereal Bowl, is generating opinion. And you thought $4 cupcakes were ridiculous. 14th & You considers this. The Embarrassment of the Cereal Bowl. Young and Hungry. And Never Turn Down A Cupcake writes: Overall, I liked the idea of this place- a little silly yes, but definitely fun!

Worst vending machine snack ever. Dudes on Foods. No apparent argument.

Yet more proof that America’s schools are failing. Kid Scarface. The 42

Some nice DC photos. A Shot in the Arm.

DC to SF Photo is explained: DC to SF Photo is a 365 day project of two very good friends, one in San Francisco (Anna) and one in Washington, DC (Kimberly).We began the year-long project by each taking a photograph. We use each other’s photo from the day before as our inspiration for that day’s photograph. Some photos are taken with our DSLRs (Kimberly uses a Canon 50D and Anna has a Nikon D5000) and some are snapped with our iPhones. It’s a way of keeping in touch with each other’s daily lives as well as working to become better photographers.