DC Blogs Noted

Girlofwords.com gives us her worst five restaurant concepts. (Call me a masochist, but I’m kind of intrigued by the “House of a Thousand Clowns.”)

I’ve never thought of the alphabet as “badass,” but meanlouise.com proves otherwise.

Alice’s Adventures Underground posts a very amusing apology to the Brooklyn Public Library. Don’t miss this one if you grew up with Sesame Street.

An OC Girl is blindsided when her commute home is made worse by a drive by guilt trip.

A trip to the newly renovated DC’s National Aquarium impresses Moneywise Moms. (Frankly, they had me hooked at “baby alligators.”)

I may despise Foursquare (you mean STALKsquare? tee hee!), but even I can appreciate a (hilarious) advice post on Foursquare etiquette from Think Lynsen.