DC Blogs Noted

The Ghost Bike appears inside the Nuclear Summit Security Zone in memoriam of Constance HoldenDCist.

Recriminations from a life without risk, booze, and vice from Occam’s Razor.

Lesbifriends – the Thoughts and Chronicles of an Adorably Awkward Lesbian, shares a few thoughts about a Lesbian who no longer wants that title, and right wing party girls who want to “defend the country and constitution” and “denounce the gay lifestyle” neither of which prevent them from getting drunk and “trying to inhale another chick’s face.”

Just about everyone who has ever tried to make Eggs Benedict and/or Hollandaise sauce experiences a serious #FAIL in their first few efforts. Eat with Me conducts a rather interesting examination of his failure, some pitfalls to avoid, and a great save or two as well.

While we’re being helpful… I Spy Things DC doesn’t call the post “Comfort Food for a Rainy Day and Date in a Box” but what else can you call a post about great delivery Pho and Pho+Beer+Crepes for dessert?

DC Blogs Contributing Editor, LiLu, turned Thursdays into cringe inducing fun for almost two years.  She recently retired the series that had so many followers and scores of other bloggers participating as well.  Its passing could not happen without taking note of the Grand Finale of TMI Thursday.  Thanks for all of the laughs even when I had to turn away.

DC Guerilla Gardeners is a new group with a new blog that seeks to engage in random acts of beautification of our fair city.  Their first event is this coming Sunday.  Come out for some semi-covert planting.

If you don’t have plans tonight, this evening is the monthly DC Blogger Meetup at 7pm at Mezza Luna in Dupont Circle.  NotionsCapital has more information.