DC Blogs Noted

The Society of Elderly Bloggers, is the title of a post at Stirrup Queens. Our blogger writes: Will age not matter at all? Will good writing and good content simply be good writing and good content and it won’t matter the age of the writer?

A Year of Giving gives $10 to Jen who later writes: You’re trying to build community through inspiration. Stepping back, doesn’t it kinda suck that you have to give $10 a day in order to do that?

IMF protestors come to DC to get drunk, or as a blogger at Reason writes: Because Nothing Hurts the IMF More Than Destroying Property in Long-Blighted Neighborhood. Poofy Goo reports: A long way from liberal arts college.

Interesting find in LA: Only one date on a tombstone. Charming Anecdotes.

Remember when a wrong number was just a wrong number? lunch at 11:30. It’s now a text.

At 35, Lose, Find, Live discovers that her willingness to go to a crowded 20-something spot has ended.