DC Blogs Noted

Cosmopolitan Conservative wonders if society has different rules for blondes, in light of research claiming they make more moolah than ladies of other hair color persuasions. (Follow up post: I have a disaster with a box of hair bleach.)

First-date physical comedy at its finest… and I hope you get that second one, PHNX65.

I didn’t know who Fred Smoot was until today, but I could kiss him now: DC Fab reports that’s he’s bringing a Waffle House to 14th and U.

BoobQuake swept the e-nation yesterday; Lemon Gloria has a light-hearted perspective on the Informal Holiday of Cleavage, whereas City Girl Blogs keeps it serious-yet-also-awesome.

I have no words for this … and that’s saying something. Just read it. Do it now. (via Rude Cactus.)