DC Blogs Noted

Writer and Blogger Elizabeth Nolan Brown has a thought provoking piece on PUA’s and Socially Conservative Women Writers as seemingly strange bedfellows.

For socially conservative writers, PUAs provide a way to vindicate their otherwise past-oriented views about marriage, sex, and cultural decline by squeezing them (never quite comfortably) into the framework of the cutting-edge. It’s relevance by any means necessary. And so Game devotees are transformed from an assortment of bitter and manipulative losers, deviants, and wimps into the logical response to a “feminized” culture.

City Girls World has no guaranteed advice on how to avoid dating what she terms “Ghost Men” or being “Haunted” by one, but she does offer some basic strategies.

Have you heard about the recent dust-up with ladies clothier Lane Bryant and the networks ABC and Fox?  The author of Whip My Assets has.  She shows the allegedly too racy advertisement and draws some comparisons to her own life.

Not Enough Tequila in the World has some random musings for your Wednesday enjoyment, including the puzzling question “Why is it that they don’t sell beer in convenient 2 liter bottles?”

From the “Things to Do Desk” at DC Blogs:

The legendary jazz club Blues Alley has a free concert tonight, info from The Georgetown Dish.

Tonight is 31-cent Scoop Night, Life After Ramen has details.

This Saturday is the inaugural “First Saturday on H Street,” Frozen Tropics has a list of the concerts, openings, benefits, and community events.

General Shout-Out #1: to the fairly new blog, Capitol Bites – “a 20something blogger who is figuring out how to eat well (and often) and on a budget in Washington, DC.”

General Shout-Out #2: to a not quite DC Blog, but with a blog title of “My Friends are Sluts,” it’s hard not give the shout out… oh, and the linked post might have been the funniest thing I read all day.