DC Blogs Noted

Instead of a cute furry post, this week it’s a cute feathery post:  Pisces Out of Water missed seeing a chick hatch, but there’s a video clip for you.  Of course, being nature, red in tooth and claw, there are downsides to scientific displays of the natural world.

Lagniappe discusses ways to improve your attitude at work when you wish it were Friday when you come to work on Monday.  Fortunately, by the time this posts, it will be Thursday already, so you will only have one more day at this point.

Life After Ramen wants everyone to go to the National Museum for Women in the Arts’ free Sunday.

Customer service that isn’t:  Girl of Words expresses her feelings about sales offers that turn out to be fictitious.

Marissa of the AntiDC has Craig’s List etiquette suggestions.  This contributing editor wishes her well, but does need to refer her to You Suck At Craig’s List, which indicates that all hope is already lost.