DC Blogs Noted

Mascara & Microchips bares it all for us, at least in the online-dating-profile sense.

Curiosity Killed the Kat informs us that in Korea, “…a kid born on December 31 is 2 years old the next day.” And in Soviet Russia, birthday pwns you!

Whoa, Nelly. Apparently, someone hasn’t learned the consequences of leaving a digital footprint; Life After Ramen posts the text of an email from a Harvard Law student who argues “that blacks are¬†genetically inferior and less intellectual than whites.” Yes, in 2010. I know.

The Gold Puppy contemplates how important diagnosing a learning disorder is versus living a childhood free of labels.

Want to do something different for Mother’s Day? The Washington Humane Society has a plethora of low-maintenance mama cats who need a little tender love (and foster care).

The Anti DC uses a multitude of fancy graphs to express the progression of douchiness throughout the District… all the way to H Street corridor?! Say it ain’t so!