DC Blogs Noted

Kids may not LIKE their greens, but are we really doing the little guys (and gals) any favors by secretly slipping them into their diet? The Slow Cook says nay.

Interior designer Annie Elliott of Bossy Color Blog gives would-be renovators a tool to determine your budget for a project. No, your REAL budget.

Snoburbia remembers a job where the policy was to hire only Ive-Leaguers, and (hilariously) ponders on the why. Bonus feature: We all learn what “JK” stands for amongst the pretentio- I mean, well-educated.

Remember yesterday when we mentioned the babies-in-bars debate? Well, The Hill is Home made it into the Post article that sparked it… and feels that some elaboration on his viewpoint is necessary.

Where’s My Cape? brings us a belly laugh in the form of re-bedazzling her twice-pregnant self-proclaimed “horror” of a belly button.

Let’s just say I never thought I would laugh so hard at a someone’s story about cancer and depression, but And I Am Not Lying writes it so well, I don’t even feel bad about it. (Alternative intro: the most beautiful thing I’ve read in a long, long time.)