DC Blogs Noted

-the fooler initiative- swore she’d never write this post, but the pressure has gotten to her and she needs to clear up a few things for black women…

After a several month hiatus from kissing frogs, the author of The Scarlett Letters blog is “Back in the Pond” and the blogosphere too.

What did you do to celebrate your last birthday? Is that a Gavel in Your Pants? hiked six miles across three mountains to reach an early 20th century cabin for a weekend to celebrate turning 77… and has stunning pictures to prove it.

I was not familiar with the Fab Faux before reading herban lifestyle’s post that explains the impetus and motivations of the Beatles Tribute band (very different than a cover band)… and they’re coming to DC… and there might be a ticket giveaway.

We have all had that teacher that flipped our light switch, put our brains into overdrive, pushed us, cajoled us, made us better students and hopefully better people in the process.  Sean’s Ramblings’ game changing teacher is retiring this year after 40 years at one college.  Meet Marty Brownstein*.

Booze tastes better when you’re drinking for a good cause.  If you don’t have plans tonight, the Tennessee State Society is hosting a fundraiser to help victims of the flooding that has devastated Nashville and other parts of the state.  Sign of the Whale, 7-9pm, hat tip to Cosmopolitan Conservative for the information and the details.

* Who was your game changing teacher?  Maybe we can start a list.  I’ll go first: Dr. Mumford, I doubt that you are reading this but thank you for all that you did for me.