DC Blogs Noted

Learning to skate as an adult is not for sissies.  Ergo, DC Hawkeye is not a sissy.

Countersignature analyzes the elections and disagrees with what he perceives to be the general consensus, especially the consensus about what “from the left” means.  Jason’s View from DC concludes that both Democrats and Republicans are in trouble.  And while Cosmopolitan Conservative didn’t analyze the elections (as of 2:44 a.m. on May 20), she did review R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr.’s After the Hangover.

Montgomery County just passed a carbon emissions tax; Clean Currently describes the hearing and the bill.

To some people (we’re looking at you Life of Red) this is a dirty picture.  To others, it’s just a diagram of how something works.  But this editor finally has an inkling of why a rather prissy colleague got upset when another not-so-prissy colleague started talking about female and male electric connections.

Every parent has the experience:  discovering a symptom that makes one believe that one’s child has a rare and tragic condition, only to be set right by the calm and non-condescending pediatrician or nurse.  Here’s that experience via Stimeyland.