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Ed. Note: The Editorial Board of DC Blogs is not culturally tone deaf, we know that LOST had its series finale on Sunday and that there were scores of blog posts written about the series on Monday.  However, none of the contributing editors has ever seen a single minute of been invested in LOST and therefore we decided not to comment.

This presents us with an opportunity.  As there are a number of culturally significant shows ending their seasons and or series in the next fortnight (LOST, Law & Order, Dancing with the Stars, American Idol, etc.) Are you interested in writing a special “TV Section” for DC Blogs?  Send an email to contributing editor, restaurant refugee, for details.

Girl of Words has never seen a single minute of Lost… or five other shows that are much beloved in this country, and she tells us why.

parenting BY dummies explains how to survive taking your kids to the movies.

Two DC provides a thoughtful, albeit early (as they acknowledge,) critique of the fairly new crêperie, Crêpe Amour.

DC born and raised hip-hop artist, Wale, was committed to perform during the DC Black Pride Event… until he learned that “Pride” is an annual LGBT event, then he had “family commitments,” uhmm, “was mislead [sic].” What’s the T has some other thoughts.

Design photo and explanation of the day – A B C D E F G H I J K, buy me one right now from Paint it What I Tell You

Diggerslist is an “online home improvement and construction classifieds [site] that helps homeowners, contractors, and DIY’s.”  Twigs and Scraps learned about it from a friend and shares with you.

General Shout Out #1 – Free in DC is a blog dedicated to “all of the cool, free, and super cheap things to do in DC” and it should be on your radar screen.

General Shout Out #2 – Metro Ventures goes against the profligate grain of anti-metro blogs and chronicles her attempt to visit all metro stations and ride every bus line in a single year.