DC Blogs Noted

Red Nose thinks the Washington Post’s attempt to market her mother’s death notice is rather icky “in case I want to hang it on the wall and be constantly reminded that she’s dead.   Like I need a reminder.”  Note to the Post:  people who have lost a parent generally are aware of their loss and don’t need reminders.

This contributing editor normally avoids any fashion posts with the same rigor that she avoids  STDs, the bubonic plague, and the hanta virus (and anthrax, Ebola virus, and anything else particularly nasty), but Phnx65 has written a paen to conservative clothing that many wish the interns soon to arrive for the summer would  follow as though it were holy writ.

Rantings of a Creole Princess saw the Jesse James interview and hopes nobody understands what he was saying, but not, maybe, for the reasons you think.

The GLAA Forum blog quotes Foreign Prisoner Support Service describing prison conditions in Malawi as “Dickens in the Tropics.”

Yin v. yang, male v. female:  and other thoughts, especially about bad haircuts, from Rude Cactus.