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Why can’t I take a picture of the Star Spangled Banner? “The Star-Spangled Banner is an extremely delicate object. While it’s amazing that a flag intended to be used for about five years has survived almost 200, there’s no guarantee that it is going to be around forever.” American History Museum blog

AOL is 25 years old “Who had the internet in 1985? The only thing I remember about computers from back then is ‘Oregon Trail’ and printing stuff on paper that was attached to other pieces of paper. Making big-ass pixelated ‘Happy Birthday Mom!’ banners and whatnot,” explains ListenToLeon

Read about the sales tax on soda with Fresh Farm Meat who writes that if the sales tax on soda tax passes: “The tax rate is the same as that on many other goods that are already taxed in DC. A $0.99 2-liter bottle of coke will get taxed at 6 cents, proportional to its cost, not 67 cents, proportional to it’s volume”

Also, the Slow Cook blog in his latest post sales tax on sodas: said: “The six percent sales tax is projected to raise more revenue–$7.92 million annually–than the penny-per-ounce tax on sugar-sweetened beverages–$6.3 million. Costs associated with the “Healthy Schools” initiative are expected to run about $6.5 million per year.”

Who pays on first date? Brando explains it in his blog Not Enough Tequila in the world: “Nothing’s more annoying than the woman who posted her worst date being the guy who took her to Burger King after the concert that he paid for. Lady, did you offer to treat for a nicer more “acceptable” place? No? “

Memorial day suggestions for those in the District DC Spy have some interesting suggestions for you.