DC Blogs Noted

Miss Scorpio of Do You Come Here Often will be facing a dilemma soon. She’s been writing a dating blog, and now that time has come to an end

This contributing editor loves a good rant, and Not Enough Tequila in the World provides one, not very happily, having been subjected to The Big Chill.

The author of I’m Gonna Break Your Heart, who is taller than 5’8”, specifies in her online dating profile that she prefers to date taller men, and this expressed preference has attracted some negative comments from would-be swains. DC Blogs contributing editor Restaurant Refugee discusses his reaction to this post.

Having failed to purchase a plastic backyard pool at Walmart, Lemon Gloria started using a bathtub as a pool and now refers to that tub as the pool. She asks readers to vote on whether this is Clampett-inspired trashiness (well, not in those exact words).

Go, Pop Go tells of one giveaway that he’s a father. (Even though this blogger got mentioned yesterday, this Contributing Editor saw and liked his post before noticing that he was selected yesterday. So it’s included in the roundup.)

The GLAA Forum doesn’t think a whole heck of a lot of Ted Haggard’s new church, which reportedly welcomes gays but not gay marriage.