DC Blogs Noted

Holla Back DC! has become one of the best first person story telling blogs in the District. It’s continues to reveal an intolerable side of life and how shared the experience is. By doing so perhaps it will prove empowering. For proof, see this post. Arlington Police make an arrest.

If it wasn’t for dating and food, there would be no local blogosphere. Speed Dating: Horror, Hell or Happiness? City Girls World

Observations on how the media is covering the oil spill at Roosevelt Island. Excerpt: Each story seems to split in two, one half covers the actual facts behind the issue, the other covers how it affects President Obama.

After dating, way after dating, there’s the Al and Tipper story and a sense of our befuddlement. Was it Al’s Warren Harding look? Occam’s Razor.

Penn Quarter Living will be living well Saturday, thanks to the third annual Savor craft beer event at the Building Museum.

Note: The live feed wasn’t showing on the web page last night. A glitch that will be fixed hopefully shortly. Meanwhile, I’m at least two weeks behind entering blogs in the live feed, which I hope to complete Sat. – kob