DC Blogs Noted

An Open Letter to Mini Cooper Owners. Technology & MSG. Photo tells the story. A classic.

A birthday remembered. An amazing and heartwarming story perfectly told by feast after famine.

An open letter to Washington DC by someone who is moving to the West Coast. Brunette on a Budget. She writes: Maybe if there was more common courtesy practiced between your inhabitants you’d make a more pleasant place to live.

U Street Booze Moratorium? Left for LeDroit. A comparision of Adams Morgan to U Street.

Following the oil spill one blog at a time: Pensacola Beach Blog, which writes: the oil of doom reached Okaloosa Island, in Ft. Walton Beach. It’s official: the entire 40-mile length of Santa Rosa Island, the second longest contiguous barrier island in the world, has now been thoroughly infected with BP’s oil.

TC the Terrible is now in Iraq. He writes: The past few months I’ve come to take some stuff for granted over here.