DC Blogs Noted

The Art of War Kathryn On … The essential truth of blog wars, Kathryn writes, is “almost no one comes out looking good.” Full scale battles with repetitive nasty, anonymous comments are fortunately relatively rare things, but low-level comment skirmishes aren’t. This writer details some of the comment types and patterns she has seen in the blogosphere and invites readers to add their own observations. This post came recommended by Heather of No Pasa Nada, who described it as “so freaking true.” An excerpt from one of the practices Kathryn makes note of:

Parody Blog! Wherein the author(s) spend more time and effort than is appropriate attempting to lampoon another blogger they despise. Sadly for them,they rarely outlast the objects of their hate, and tend to come off as unhealthily obsessed and/or secretly in love/lust with their subject.

Also Noted: Blog Stealing is Just Wrong, writes Crazy Girl City, who discovers that a post has been lifted by a California-based blogger. She took my stuff and posted it word for word with the exception of altering the title, writes Crazy Girl. She isn’t alone among DC area bloggers in experiencing this problem. It’s impossible to know how widespread it is, but if the site has advertising, one tactic is to alert the advertisers. This is a very interesting post about the possible discovery of soft tissue in a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone. Our writer, a formerly DC-area based blogger now working in the paleontology department of a museum in Philadelphia, explains why the discovery is important to creationist. By Jessasims. Purposely giving out wrong number results in cyberstalker, reports Love and Haterade. Idle Interns are the Devils Playthings is a story of a bad idea that made sense in some weird way, by Beauty and the Beltway. Cheney is booed for first pitch, reports DC Drama Grrls. Another opening day reaction: I was very bored, writes Nasty Nats, who also points out: First of all, Opening Day was not a sellout. That’s just embarrassing. Wikipedia wins again, writes I-495 blues, who is impressed with its entry devoted to I Am The Walrus by the Beatles. Site Note: Will return Monday. See dcblogs.com/live for the latest. To get listed on the live feed, please write.