DC Blogs Noted

What’s a folkway?  How does globalization affect it? Venkatesh Rao at  Ribbonfarm.com discusses folkways in a post he has been working on since 2004.

Based on identification of neighbors by lost laundry items, Average Jane knows at least one of her neighbors way too well.

Just start with the first two sentences:  “It’s hard to determine when it all went horribly wrong. I think it was when the dog peed on the living room carpet.” A wedding, a graduation, a visitor from overseas, all from The Blarney Crone.

Everyone needs a little vacation now and then.  Here’s a pictorial explanation of why, from Where’s My Cape.

Pisces Out of Water asks:  Who thought it was a good idea to make mini shopping cars for children?

If you might ever have an animal (actually a bird) in your air conditioner, WashingTina explains how to handle this eventuality, and it’s not what you expect.  Call Jim Graham’s office.