DC Blogs Noted

A guy from Rochester discovers something about DC while visiting a friend here. Luke. He writes: She bought her condo about a year ago … and it’s amazing. Simply amazing. I’m starting to realize I made a really big mistake by staying in Rochester all these years. I have friends that have really cool, amazing and exciting lives in terrific cities and have achieved things that I really have always wanted to do.

Here’s an unusal but serious offer. Tom Jones, the writer of 528000 Feet, a Senate staffer, father and long distance runner, says that for $100 donation to his campaign to raise fund for the Prostate Cancer Foundation, he will help you raise the issue with the father in your life.

Our wedding pictures by Dogs and Wine. Good fun here.

Jenny Clarinda reflects on life, purpose and the walk to Dupont Circle in the post, A long walk home.

A clever title goes here goes to an important work meeting without a notebook and pen, and guess what?

How to handle an Internet troll. flack rabbit. Advice for dealing with rude anonymous comments.

The new Georgetown Apple store draws a ton of customers on its opening weekend, including Kid Truant, who is also interviewed by Fox News and has the clip. He writes: They interview me for a few minutes, asking me about my thoughts on the store opening (total chaotic fun), why I thought it was so exciting for customers (because it’s fun to share your geek joy), why Apple products were worth their slightly higher costs (because they just work). Urban Turf has the photos.