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MTV is looking for their first Twitter Jockey and our very own DC Blogs Contributing Editor, LiLu is among the 20 people selected by the network to vie for the opportunity. She makes her pitch for your support.

Apparently, science’s ability to cross breed with unfortunate consequences has extended to the world of fashion.  Capitol Hill Style provides an example of two wrongs most assuredly not making a right.

Telling It Like It Is takes Yelpers to the wood shed while praising the newly opened Pizzeria Orso.

Esther-Now-and-Then-Some contemplates rights and responsibilities in light of a recent Supreme Court ruling that Miranda rights must be actively invoked.

The Republic of T makes a compelling and sophisticated argument comparing the crisis in the Gulf of Mexico to our country’s Crisis of Unemployment and Underemployment.  Both catastrophes have roots in government failure, he argues, but congressional leaders have failed to take steps to control the one within its grasp.

WARNING – Mature Audiences Only: DC Dating Adventures needs some assistance in deciphering the meaning, if any, behind her once ex and now current partner’s contorted refusal of an offer.

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A movie about Facebook is slated for October release.  Bradford Pearson comments about the just released movie poster, and the concept itself.  Discuss amongst yourselves.

Countersignature issues a metaphorical Red Card for unsportsmanlike conduct in a World Cup game… and yes, I freely admit that the delightfully gratuitous comparison to “college football teams from the state of Florida” aided in this post being included.