DC Blogs Noted

Having seen quite a few “blogger summers” in my day, I think Kate of The Big Piece of Cake has a brilliant idea: giving her blog a summer vacation of shorter, lighter posts. Who wants to make an e-lanyard with her?

Always a Drunk, Never a Bride shares her tale of a, well, heartbreaking heartbreak… release date: one month from now.

A glimpse of Adams Morgan, then and now: DC Metrocentric shares a surprising lack of contrast between photos of 18th and Columbia from 1934 and present day.

Penn Quarter Living reports that the Borders at 14th and F, where I met my B for our second first real date, is going to be replaced with a Clyde’s in 2011.

With less than two months to go before her move to Boston, Liz in Limbo has made a bucket list of her must-do’s before she leaves the District.

Yesterday was the one year anniversary of the infamous Red Line Metro crash. For many of us in the area, it represents one of Those Moments; the ones you will never, ever forget. We remember where we were standing, what we were doing, and who we frantically called and texted to make sure that, God forbid, they weren’t there.

A few commemorative posts:

Make Lemons… takes a look at what’s changed with WMATA in the last year… and what hasn’t.

Unsuck DC Metro pays homage to those who were lost in the crash. You will not be forgotten.

And whatever you do, don’t miss this powerful post from Toddler Planet. I won’t say it’s uplifting, necessarily, but as a resident in the Metro area… it certainly was healing.