DC Blogs Noted

Pop the champagne! Two of DC’s own got engaged last Saturday. Huge congrats from the DC Blogs crew to local bloggers Brando of Not Enough Tequila In The World and Shannon of Disaffected Scanner Jockey. Make sure to check out their recaps of the event: His and Hers. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

And for the ensuing nuptials (and nuptial planning), City Girls World has this advice on keeping your wedding drama-free.

Blonder Than You takes this summer heat wave to a whole new level, poetically speaking. Yowza.

If you’ve been in the area long enough, you surely know this by now. But I Spy Things DC proves once again that the Tabard Inn is without a doubt one of the best brunches in town.

People’s District takes us to the expert: “The Only Way to Eat Corned Beef.”

Eric of experience. unexpectedly finds himself in tears at a Dave & Buster’s while watching a child take careful aim and studiously slaughter her foes. Is it really “just a game”?

The Blogger/Journalist War Quote of the Day,” via State of the Fourth Estate.

I’m including this post about an ex from Brutalism, if only because I feel she deserves an answer to what constitutes a “circus-like penis”.

Overall shout out: a new site, Blogger Happy Hour, is devoted to keeping tabs on all of the happy hour comings and going in our fair district. Check it out!