DC Blogs Noted

The author of The Dithering of a District Diva contemplates the quandaries of being African American but out of place at a South African World Cup Party.

The following inclusion to the daily round-up is dedicated to everyone who ever had the displeasure of hearing something hurtful from someone who loves them: You Gotta Start Somewhere by Life Goes On, I Think.

It doesn’t seem like much of a stretch to suggest that many people around the DC Blogosphere were saddened when the space of Who Invented Roses went dark.  Perhaps Hopefully It’s Been Long Enough That My Mom’s Not Reading will indicate a return to regular blogging.

Style Cribbing or Style Coincidence? Capitol Hill Style ponders the question as it relates to Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan’s adjustments to her look.

The Countersignature Blog offers a more critical look at the life of the recently departed Senator Robert Byrd.

Two different post requiems on a recent break-up: Always a Drunk, Never a Bride uses lists of things that suck and things that don’t; Hilarity in Shoes has a more contemplative assessment.