DC Blogs Noted

Whether you have an old Huffy (like some contributing editors) or some high-tech alloy job that would pay for a year of higher education, if you love to bike or just want an excuse to get out and bike, consider the Capitol Criterion bike race on July 11. BicycleSpokesman.com recommends it.

Yes.  Kids can drive you crazy, even as you love themParenting BY Dummies explains how.  Stimeyland also explains how, especially with the snorting.  And in the Best-Birthday-Present-Ever categories, Feast After Famine had a nice birthday, including children who napped for three and a half hours.

S. Krishna’s Books is promoting South Asian literature with a South Asian Author Challenge.   Here’s a link for posting reviews for July and August.  So go read some books.

I shouldn’t post this link to The Blog From Nowhere, because I love the National Building Museum and don’t want it to get crowded (it’s shamefully under-utilized), but it really is a great museum and a beautiful building.  Take the advice about exiting the Judiciary Square Metro station from the F Street exit.

Occam’s Razor opines about the dangers of deficit fever.