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Two Cities, Two Mayors Random Duck Compares and contrasts the tube/Metro riding habits of London’s mayor and DC’s mayor. Short and pointed. Links added by DC Blogs: UK: Online Sun: Ken Takes to the Tube DCist: OMG, Mayor to Ride Metro

Chunae’s Food This is a new blog by a former Chicago resident who moved to the city last year. He’s in search of a good places to eat.

I have been a foodie for a real long time now and Chicago was a great place to indulge that habit. Between having FoodTV on in my house 24/7 and always on the search for a good place to eat, food has always pervaded every aspect of my life. You could find almost anything to eat in Chicago, except a good cheesesteak. So although I didn’t feel like I was being spoiled by particularly good eats, I knew there was a lot that Chicago had to offer. I was really looking forward to moving to DC so I could really expand my gastronomic experiences. After all, Washington DC is an international hub. Surely the culinary scene is just as deep and broad as everything else in DC. Oh how wrong I was.

Moving along Soleil, Lune, & Astrales Pink Elephant, who produces a blog of clever design, thoughtful writing and wit, is moving out of the area. Her work and observations of the DC scene will be missed. But she plans to continue blogging. I am moving in the beginning of August! The move will be out of the area. This is a sad time, but also an optimistic one and the catalyst for new opportunities. I will also eventually be switching over to a new template on either blogger or typepad to provide more accessibility. Until then, I will post in this blog til the *bittersweet* end.

Beware of the Faux-Friendsters The DC Male’s Perspective This relatively new blog intends to tell “Everything you always wanted to know, but were too afraid to ask, about dating … and 60’s French cinema here in the nation’s capital.” This post is about a Friendster experience.

A curious thing has happened lately on Friendster, of all places. I, like many others, receive mass solicitations by women or websites trying to intice me into their webcam pages, or dating sites. These are disguised as personal messages, usually along the lines of “I saw your profile, and I think you are so hot…” etc. But I received a particularly clever one last week by someone posing as ‘Kate’…

Also noted:

New blog, Bill’s Corporate Affairs Stuff, miscellanea from a Washington, DC-based corporate affairs staffer. Thinking About Art has a DC round-up and reviews of some art shows. The mysterious Kelly Ann Collins, formerly of Washington Socialites, appears to have restarted a site that bears her name, Kelly Ann Collins. The main page art is well done. We learned of this development via the Cleveland Park Men’s Club. Interning in the District is off to Danville Va., to begin my teaching career.

Photo: Dupont Circle Farmer’s Market, Sunday.