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A Little New York in DC Chase-ing Complacency The refuse on a short stretch of sidewalk near the New York Avenue Metro stop draws this writer’s attention. It’s edgy writing and for context on what quickens the pulse read this earlier post by Chase: “I’m Still A Good Person .. Right,” about a recent encounter with a homeless person. An excerpt from this most recent post: I thought to myself, there must be some type of force, person (or possibly even creature) snatching out the hair weave of unsuspecting women. I walked faster. Also Noted: Who knew Sarah Lincoln was so hot? Writes Phil in a note about Washington Cube’s outstanding research and writing on Lincoln and forgotten memory locked inside the smell of Lilacs. I Hate Kit Kats pastry art. Also check out the origami of Easter Bunny versus Easter Tyrannosaurus Rex Lizzie of Blinding Glare of the Obvious gives a dramatic reading, via AudioMail. It’s recommended by Reya, who said it was the first time she has listened to an audio blog “even cooler is that this is Lizzie’s speaking voice.” Metro escalator with appetite for loafer, says why.i.hate.dc Parking solution for DC? Best of Washington DC reports about a business, SpotScout, that connects drivers with parking spaces, including those at private homes. It’s not in DC yet. I hate Cilantro, writes K Street Blues. Equal in Cocktails? DC Drinks D.C. Blogger Meetup Wednesday beginning at 7 p.m. at Pharaoh’s, 1817 Columbia Rd., in Adams Morgan. These are very informal get togethers of people just chatting. We’re usually the only people in the bar, and everyone is invited. Check out dcblogs.com/live for the latest